Updates on my project

Inevitably, blogging has gotten the best of me and I pushed it to the wayside. But I’ve made some pretty good progress, IMO, on my extension. It basically does all the things that my initial application does but in a much better format.

I’ve implemented a few error catching and messaging, which wasn’t present in my initial application. Also, I’ve created a shiny new class GitRepository which will hopefully be used later on by other applications. I’ve just added the functions that are relevant to my project, but perhaps in due time, it’ll be fleshed out more with more functionality.

I’ve been wanting to get into unit testing so that I don’t have to test manually. This is a totally new field for me since I’ve grown accustomed to testing things via printing things out or, more rarely, using a debugging tool. Having a testing environment is pretty important to the software world and I would really like to develop the skills for it. There’s been a surge of test driven development and behavior driven development so learning how to write unit tests is pretty important.


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