The Office

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to go to Wikimedia’s offices and work a bit. I’m fortunate enough to be close to my organization’s offices so I can choose to work with the staff and integrate myself into a real internship. I feel that I could get a lot more work done when I’m actually working alongside other people. With that said, I think it’s also very interesting that in this modern world, we can essentially work in a virtual office. I was asking Mark, whom I was sitting next to, questions, but I was also conversing with my new mentor, Sebastien aka Dereckson, halfway across the world.

The office was a nice and quiet. It was much quieter than I expected because people were taking time off for the holidays. It had an industrial feel to it that’s very Bay Area. I wish I had snapped some pictures, but it was already quite overwhelming to be working in an office for the first time. But I got a lot done. I’ve gotten my extension’s repository set up and set up accounts for their workflow.

I haven’t officially started the internship yet, but I’ve been really getting my feet wet with PHP. It’s not as scary as it used to be, though it feels like everyone I ask replies with “PHP is the devil”. Sumana, one of the other mentors, also gave me some good resources.

All in all, I left the office feeling pretty happy and energetic. I think this was what I needed after my long reign of unemployment. It started to feel “real”.


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