Staying up with Tech

A few months ago, I started subscribing to tech news. Currently, I follow The Verge, Ars Technica, and The Next Web. It was pretty overwhelming at first because I felt that I had to read EVERY article and when there’s 100 new links in my RSS feed everyday just from tech news, its easy to get buried, especially since a lot of the articles are similar. But staying up with what’s happening in tech has been an interesting experience. I’m not like a lot of people who go into the field of computer science. I didn’t get interested in computers as a career until I actually stumbled into a computer science class. Before then, I always saw computers as a hobby, not a career. I wasn’t interested in learning how hardware works or going on Telnet and form a community. I just thought computers were neat and I could make simple layouts and be creative.

Having subscribed to tech based news has really opened my eyes to the world of technology. It’s such an intricate and enormous network. There are articles about companies who are successful in certain aspects of business or innovation and then there are articles about companies who are losing money. Articles about how to treat employees or new products on the market. Just a huge repertoire of articles. It really makes me feel like I’m part of the tech world when I read these articles, like I know what’s going on, even though I usually forget most of the articles I read.

Anyways, the article that prompted this post was Next Web’s article “Wikimedia explains why, after all these years, Wikipedia still doesn’t have a visual editor”. Since I started this application process, I’ve actually just learned how to edit a wiki page. I never did it because I was afraid of making a mistake (which isn’t a good reason, I know). While filling out all my user info and setting up my proposal, I found myself trying to learn wikitext and finding it somewhat difficult to work with. And I’m more tech savvy than the average user (allegedly). Reading this article gave me some insight as to why the system is as it is. It’s really quite interesting how difficult it is to modify an existing codebase to support changing demands. Wikipedia has gotten so huge that changing the editor is a monumental task. I’ve never really thought of it this way before.

Also, it’s really exciting to read about a company that I have some connection to. The “Oh! I know what they’re talking about.” feeling is quite satisfying because for the longest time, I’ve felt quite disconnected from the tech world. There’s something about how vast it is that’s really hard for me to feel like I’m part of it. I think if you’re working in tech, you should at least try to stay up to date. There’s so many things changing in the world of programming and you don’t want to get left behind.


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