Added optional input functionality.

For some reason, it’s easiest to program at night for me. Hopefully, I can adjust my programming schedule to a more “normal” work day. Does anyone have any tips to get motivated to program for the day? I end up just contemplating what I want to do, hashing out all the details, but not actually writing till the wee hours of the night.

I just updated my code to have optional inputs: branch name, start line, and end line. It was actually kind of hard to trudge through Python’s documentation to find exactly what I needed. But I’m happy that I managed to make it work. argparse is pretty neat. It’s really awesome to learn new techniques. I’ve always said that I’ve been interested in scripting, but I now realize that I’ve only really hit the tip of the iceberg. It’s actually quite interesting.

Do I always seem excited when I talk about code? Honestly, I really am excited, but there’s definitely moments of frustration. Those are my more embarrassing moments plus who wants to read about complaints? Programming is such a roller coaster sometimes. Excitement to learn, frustration at the lack of documentation or answers, excited to finally start coding, frustration at the bugs, EXUBERANCE at the code working, DEPRESSION when it doesn’t actually work, sigh of relief when it’s finally done and time to get myself a drink. Is that the same kind of process other people go through?


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